DIVISION:  In Novice and Elite division, all 3 races will be ran. If your division has heats, you qualify for the long race by placing 5th or better in the short or middle distance.

RELAYS: Heat distance could be shortened to 20 laps to save time. Sorry, no cross-teaming.

OPENS: $10 

    Primary and Juvenile          10 Laps.
    Elementary and Freshman   15 Laps.
    Sophomore and Junior         20 Laps.
    Senior and Above               30 Laps.

GRAND CHAMPION First, second, third, and fourth from elite CHAMPION  sophomore through master, qualify for the 30 lap race.  No charge.

JR. GRAND CHAMPION First, second, third, and fourth from elite freshman, elementary and juvenile qualify for the 15 laps race.  No charge.

300m TOP GUN Prize money is based on number of entries.
$10 Example,  20 Skaters @ $5 = $100 to the winner.  Juvenile and Elementary.  Freshman and Sophomore, Junior and above.  Pro Men.

100m TOP GUN Tiny-Tot and Primary. $5