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Pattison's Flashback​
Shaun Pattison has been around roller skating his entire life.  He was born into skating with his grandfather's passion for the sport. His great grandfather Weston Betts started in the skating business in the early 30's.

Pat and Evie Pattison (Shaun's grandparents) moved their family east of the mountain's following a fire at the family's rink on Redondo Beach in 1951. Shaun's grandparents, Pat and Evelyn, bought and operated Pattison's North in Spokane, WA until 1974.  At that time they sold the rink to their daughter Bobbie, and her husband Ben Winkler.  The Winkler's owned and operated the rink for thirty-three years before retiring in 2006.  Now Shaun and his wife Jericho are keeping the business in the family, running it with the same core values as Shaun's Grandfather.  That's four generations of roller rink owners! 

Pattison's Today

Shaun and Jericho Pattison purchased Pattison's North from their aunt and uncle on September 1st, 2006.  The skating rink is "an affordable fun and safe place the whole family can enjoy".  The skating surface is 95' X 176',  #1 grade maple.  It's also a rotunda floor, which means the boards are curved at the end.  So when you go around the corners, your always skating with the grain of the wood, meaning you will be skating on a smoother and faster floor.

Pattison's North is a landmark in Eastern Washington.  The business has provided family fun and entertainment to children, teens, and adults for over 60 years.  We provide skating sessions geared to all ages.  When school is out, get the kids out of the house for skating on school holidays, spring break and summer vacation!  Have fun as a family and make memories that last a lifetime.  For special events - rent the entire skating rink, or enjoy a regular birthday or corporate party here.  We also cater to church groups, scouting, and other activity groups.

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