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The following rules are for your SAFETY and the SAFETY of other skaters and will be enforced:

  • NO gum chewing in the building

  • Children MUST have skates on when on skating floor

  • NO vulgar language

  • Disrespect to Pattison's North staff, other skaters, or anyone else will not be tolerated

  • NO racing, tag playing or other rough behavior

  • NO freestyle skating (jumps, spins, etc.) All eight wheels must stay on the skating floor

  • No use of cell phones on the skating floor

  • Toe stops or toe plugs must be worn at all times

  • Always be courteous to all of the other skaters

  • NO sitting or climbing on walls

  • NO standing on, skating on, or jumping of benches

  • No outside food or beverages are allowed to be brought into our facility

  • NO skating in parking lot. Please put your skates on in the skating center only

  • Own skates MUST be clean and free of mud, stones, etc.

  • Your skates must have NO bolts protruding from skate axels

  • Toe stops and heal stops must be in good repair

  • NO belly shirts, tube tops, low cut jeans, daisy dukes, backless or see through shirts, low cut tops or questionable clothing

  • NO visible underwear

Pattisons's North staff has the right to refuse service

to anyone not following these rules and regulations 

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