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Pattison's Skate Shop carries a full line of roller skates, inline skates, inline speed skates for all skating categories: Indoor, outdoor, speed, dance, and derby. All kinds of accessories including wheels, and bearings from Bones and Bionic.  If we don't have it in stock, we can order it.  We have the largest inventory of skates and parts in Washington. Our Skate Shop is open during all public session times. 


Be carefull of bargain skates. Some have wheels made of PVC plastic and are very slippery in skating rinks and way too hard for outdoors.  All wheels should be made of urethane. Some hard for tight floors, and some very soft for outdoors, and many hardnesses in between for your skating style. On roller skates, the axles on the skate should be located in the right place. The front one dead center under the ball of your foot and the back one slightly behind your ankle.

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